Are there Magical Numbers?

When discussing how many #1 priorities one can have, Wynne brought up an interesting point about the power some numbers have. She related how her father gave sermons that had no more than 3 points, and asked if there was something magical about the number 3. Not for the first time, she got me thinking … Continue reading Are there Magical Numbers?


True or False: Food Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)

My favorite part of the blogosphere remains the discussions in the comment section, and as LuAnne suggested in a comment, here comes part II of the True or False series, this time, about food. As a reminder, our first installment was myths about our very own bodies, so what better way to continue than with … Continue reading True or False: Food Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)

True or False: Body Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)

The most rewarding element of the blogosphere, for me, is the fascinating discussions that sometimes emerge in the comment section of blogs. Like the one that emerged after Evelyn recently asked us what a year feels like. It turns out that a lot of our perceptions, like that of time, which seems to go faster … Continue reading True or False: Body Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)

Are We Great at Spotting What’s Great?  

We recently discussed movies that bring cheer to our collective hearts, you know, when one needs a little, or a lot, pick-me-up. And in our favorite part of the blogosphere, the discussion part, RoughWighting brought up an intriguing question: are we good at spotting a good movie when we see it? Or, more generally, are … Continue reading Are We Great at Spotting What’s Great?  

Should We Celebrate Mistakes?

The discussions in the comment sections of blogs are often just as rewarding as the blog itself. In fact, the question that spawned our last post, Have You Experienced Excellence As the Customer? and this post, are both products of discussions in different blogs. This question, Should We Celebrate Mistakes, emerged from a discussion in … Continue reading Should We Celebrate Mistakes?

What’s New Under the Sun?

We ran into some interesting quotes, let me share a couple of excerpts, we’ll keep them short: And here’s another one, a wee bit longer, but worth the read: A third one, we’ll summarize, because it was a page long… It talked about the new economy that emerged as a result of the new technology. … Continue reading What’s New Under the Sun?

What’s the allure of extremes?

Not long ago, a blogger shared what was the most alluring aspect of blogging for them. For me, it’s the comments, the discussion and interaction that happen in the comment section: the thought-provoking comments, the intriguing comments, the funny comments. They make me think, ponder, and laugh. They also provoke many of my posts. So … Continue reading What’s the allure of extremes?

Top 5 “They’re coming!” movies

After four installments of lessons from Expanse (one, two, three, and four), we got to thinking about the best movies of aliens visiting/sending messages to earth. We expected them to be more of the “Serving Humanity” type, as in The Twilight Zone episode where the aliens had a book about Serving Humanity, except, it ended … Continue reading Top 5 “They’re coming!” movies

To Passion or not to Passion

There’s an old story about a boy who receives a puppy (sadly, I don’t remember who wrote it, maybe you can help me recognize the author). The boy is completely enthralled by the question of what is the puppy thinking. That becomes his life-long passion and fashions his life-long pursuit to become a neuroscientist, and … Continue reading To Passion or not to Passion