Are YOU wired for fairness?

Before you answer or mull it over, take 2.75 minutes and watch the video below (audio needed). If 2.75 minutes is too much, watch 1 minute starting 1:19 minutes into it. It is well worth that minute of watching! After looking at the wide spectrum of human behavior, and the great discussion that ended … Continue reading Are YOU wired for fairness?

List of top everyday things that originated in … Say What?!

We expect our commonplace customs and sayings to come to us from ancient bards’ compositions, from the wisdom of scientists who had apples fall on their heads, from the inspiring philosophies of statespeople who saved the world.  It turns out that many every-day “things” came to us from … ad campaigns.  Say what?!   Let’s start … Continue reading List of top everyday things that originated in … Say What?!

Are you wired for stories?

A discussion I recently read about preferences on reading fiction vs non-fiction got me to put my musing hat on. For me it’s mostly about the story, not so much where it is on the fiction/non-fiction spectrum. If it’s non-fiction work, it needs to be a story based on facts rather than wishful thinking and … Continue reading Are you wired for stories?