Ph(r)ases of Adult Life (of three kinds)

As we’re starting to settle into our Endless Weekend, we’ve come to realize that we went through 3 phases in our adult lives together:

  • “I own my own refrigerator!” About a year after we got married, we bought a house. Yes, the house has several rooms, but what struck me more than anything was not the actual home-ownership, but the idea that we own our very own refrigerator. It somehow felt… so adult. The house, with its walls and attic and backyard was not what had me standing an inch taller. It was the ownership of a refrigerator. Clearly an adult thing to have.
Stress balls of a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • “So that’s what a stress ball is!” While I was aware of the refrigerator ownership, this one crept up on me. I really only noticed it when we were doing our most recent iteration of clearing things out of the house (shout out to Gallivance!) and we bundled all our stress balls from all the nooks and crevices they were hiding in into 3 boxes. Yes, 3 (three). We had this many stress balls, of different colors and designs. Who knew we needed so much stress relief? 🙂 Not anymore, which brings us to the third phase:
Cat sleeping on its back
  • “There’s a big difference between waking up and getting up!” For years, the snooze button and I had a long and intimate relationship. It buzzed, I hit it and feel asleep for another blissful (in the morning, every second of sleep is blissful!) 7 minutes in … heaven. But that’s still part of waking up. Once we woke up, it was immediately get up and get going. Wake up WAS get up. No more of that. Now we wake up, listen to the rain, catch up on what’s going on in the world, stretch, mostly laze around, and then get up. Can easily be an hour later (or more). And those precious lazy moments in the morning are treasured every day all over again. Every endless weekend day, all over again.

Have we skipped a phase in your adult life?

Interesting trivia: Why are there 13 in a baker’s dozen?

Answer to last post’s trivia: turns out that high heel shoes were originally designed for Persian men (not women!), who in the 10th century, wore them on horseback so they’d be a better fit in the stirrups…

10 thoughts on “Ph(r)ases of Adult Life (of three kinds)

  1. On the weekend I could spend the whole day “waking up” in bed.
    During the week, I’ve never hit snooze in my life, the alarm sounds and I immediately vault out of bed. If I gave myself an inch…oh jeez. I’d be voted right out of hte human race.

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    1. I have a very long and even more complicated relationship with the snooze button… We view each other with great suspicion to the point that when I want to be sure I’m up on time, more than one alarm (and more than one snooze button) is called into action.

      Wait! Let me correct that: I USED TO have a complicated relationship with the snooze button. Since the Endless Weekend began, it’s a simple and loving relationship (though very distant, we hardly ever interact anymore…) 🙂


    1. Then you GET me 🙂 Thank you for the vote of confidence, most people just roll their eyes at my “refrigerator ownership.” And you know something… we still have the same faithful refrigerator that just keeps chugging away. I don’t know that when I’ll have it in my heart to replace it 🙂

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  2. I love your Ph(r)ases of Adult Life! And thanks so much for the shout out. Three boxes of stress balls is pretty impressive – and aren’t you glad you retired early. 🙂 Your #3 really made me smile. Not having to wake up to my alarm clock is one of my greatest joys. ~Terri


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