Halloween Movie Homage: Top 10 twisted movies (Top 10 Movies with the Best Plot Twists)

Surprised cat holding on to a couch

We openly admit: we didn’t buy a single pumpkin this year. Instead of twisting and turning a knife to carve those pumpkins we never purchased, we’re going to honor Halloween with a different type of twists, by listing THE BEST MOVIES WITH THE BEST TWISTS.

What qualifies a movie to be a best-movie-with-a-best-twist? It should have a twist that surprises you at the very least the first time you see it, and, second, the movie should still be worth watching even knowing the twist. The Empire Strikes Back, for example, has the iconic (yes, spoiler alert, though if you know how to read, you’re probably are familiar with this twist) “No. I am your father.” (No. Darth Vader didn’t actually say “Luke, I am your father.”) It may not seem like much as a twist if you’ve known the quote well before you’ve seen the movie, but imagine writing that plot twist into a movie (look at the kitten for impact)!  So here goes our list:

(1) The Empire Strikes Back

(2) The Sixth Sense

(3) The Usual Suspects

(4) The Game

(5) The Prestige

(6) Planet of the Apes (the 1968 version, otherwise the twist is revealed…)

(7) Fight Club

(8) Primal Fear

(9) The Arrival

(10) No Way Out

What do you think? What’s missing from this list?

Related trivia: who created the first light bulb?

Answer to trivia from last post: Apple! Bill Fernandez introduced Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1971 and became Apple’s first employee. An extra big gold star goes to Ally Bean who saw past the obfuscation attempts 🙂


15 thoughts on “Halloween Movie Homage: Top 10 twisted movies (Top 10 Movies with the Best Plot Twists)

  1. I’ve seen two of these movies, #1 & #3. I agree that surprise twists make for a good Halloween movie, more so than blood and gore. If it wasn’t Edison then I have no idea who invented the lightbulb. Thanks for the mention, too.

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    1. Yeap! A good twist is worth more than its weight in blood and gore (and it weighs… a lot! 🙂). Give any of the other movies a try, would love to hear what you think! (Disclaimer: Fight Club is probably the closest to blood and gore)
And you’re right, it’s not Edison who created the first lightbulb (nor was he the first to patent it), for Halloween, it’s a particularly twisty piece of trivia. Answer in the next post!

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  2. You definitely picked a few of my favourites. “The Usual Suspects” “Primal Fear” are classics in our house.

    Three men were responsible for creating the light bulb. Do I get a bonus point for adding Benedict Cumberbatch playing Edison in the new movie “The Current War”. Should be a good movie.

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    1. I’m impressed! I also thought it was really cool that Ed Norton added the stutter (in the audition) and that it became part of the Aaron character.

      Benedict Cumberbatch made an awesome Sherlock, so definitely mega brownie points for that! Just like David Bowie made an awesome Tesla in The Prestige (but in what movie wasn’t he awesome?). What did you think of The Current War? We haven’t seen it yet. Would you recommend it!

      And do share who are the three for the lightbulb!

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    1. Thank you! We feel the same way. There are some people that say they could tell the ending 30 minutes into the movie. To which I can just gape in disbelief and say “no way” 🙂

      Most of the movies on this list aren’t new… The Arrival is the only one made in the last 5 years. That’s why I keep wondering what we’re missing from the list.

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      1. I find it hard to believe that anyone could have predicted the end of that movie. Maybe Hollywood is so into sequels that no one wants to make an original movie that is full of twists and surprise endings.


    1. Thank you, must be the great minds thing? 🙂 Fortunately my parents showed me the original Planet of Apes before I had a chance to see the others. What a tremendous twist that you’re set up NOT to see coming. Wasn’t sure there wouldn’t be some disagreement about this being one of the best twists since, just like the “I am your father” from Star Wars, the ending from Planet if the Apes is part of seems part of our culture… Glad we’re in agreement!

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    1. I heard so much about Fight Club years before I saw it, I was ready to be disappointed and semi-bored, boy way I wrong 🙃 I did NOT see that coming. I love those unexpected twists, too.

      My apologies for the belated response, Caz, I had to rescue your comment from spam oblivion, thank you for sharing!

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