Do you need a chuckle or two? Hidden Gems: 3 funny, laugh-out-loud (!) tv comedies

Woman laughing out loud (literally!)

I’m always on the lookout for a funny comedy. It’s become necessary to qualify the laughter-worthy comedies with “funny”. When’s the last time you literally laughed out loud when watching a show? We sometimes watch shows and wonder: what did the producers think was going to happen? But sometimes you discover a gem, one that has you cackling in real life. Yes, cackle. Way to go, producers!

It (the cackling) happened to us with these three hidden gems:

  1. Corner Gas: sadly, this Canadian show is over, but we’re on season 3 of the 5 seasons that aired 2004—2009, and loving it. Yes, we had to give it a few episodes for the cackling to start, but the show, built around the owner of a gas station/convenience store (Brent, he’s the creator, too) that shares a wall with a café, in a small town in Saskatchewan provides joy to the soul. The description doesn’t do the show justice. Seinfeld, after all, is “just” a show about a comedian and his 3 buds in NYC… You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Kim’s Convenience: happily, this show is still going strong. Again, a Canadian show, and again, the description won’t do it justice: it’s centered on the Kim family, a Korean Canadian family, who (yes, you know it) runs a convenience store. It’s available for streaming on Netflix and delivers cackles, laughs, and snickers galore.
  3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: a gem for sure, perhaps less hidden than the other two—it’s an Amazon show. It’s focused on Mrs. Maisel, a dedicated housewife who is becoming a dedicated stand-up comedian… in the 1950s. The creator is Amy Sherman-Palladino of the Gilmore Girls fame, so you know to expect rapid-fire-talking-a-mile-a-minute dialogues (and sometimes monologues) that are wonderfully entertaining. No drinking during the show, your nose will thank you.

Did you see these shows?  What others would you add to the list?

Related trivia: what animals (other than humans :)) laugh?

Answer to trivia from the last post: 1,000 (thousAnd). Check it out…

18 thoughts on “Do you need a chuckle or two? Hidden Gems: 3 funny, laugh-out-loud (!) tv comedies

  1. Thanks for the Canadian shows…I love that both Amazon Prime and Netflix are giving so much exposure to shows foremother countries…if anyone hasn’t seen “Fleabag”, you are missing one of the best shows ever…and “Glow” is a lot of fun as well, with some real dramatic underlying messages as well…and if you haven’t seen it, Netflix has the documentary about the REAL “Glow” women…terrific!

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    1. Thank you for the Fleabag recommendation, I’m always on the lookout for funny shows!

      The first season of GLOW offered many laughs, and, like you said, some dramatic messages as well, and carried both off beautifully. They seemed to have lost that wonderful balance in season 2 and 3. Hopefully it’ll be back in season 4.

      That’s what I like about the 3 gems I listed: they don’t lose steam through the seasons, and we literally laughed out loud during most of the episodes.

      Any other shows that fit that criterion, other than Fleabag that you mentioned?


    1. Then you’re in for a barrel of laughter! Corner Gas and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel are available now on Amazon Prime, Kim’s Convenience is available on Netflix.

      Let me know what you think, and if they produced a cackle or two!


  2. Laughing animals?
    Heh! Dolphins… Magpies (!)… Dogs (well, they grin…) … Monkeys… and lots and lots of different Disney animals 😉 😀

    Seriously (?) speaking – thank you so much for your wonderful TV suggestions. Next time I move to Canada I will look them up 😉 🙂
    Meanwhile… Fawlty Towers ( is amazing (from a laugh-per-minute perspective) – as are indeed pretty much anything starring John Cleese!
    And for a non-Cleese series, I rate Coupling ( as some of the best and outrageously-funny TV ever created 😀

    Have fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thinking outside the box, I like it! I just posted the answer in the next post—they discovered it with tickle-tests 🙂

      All three shows I posted are available for streaming, hope to hear what you think of them.

      And thank you for the new recommendations, the holiday season is a great time for some serious chuckling, I haven’t seen them, I’ll check them out!

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