Planning for Over 50… days, not years!

We like cruising; our best year had us spend 50 days at sea.  But we’re planning for more than a “mere” 50 days.  What is our plan… and why plan?  How much of a plan does one need during an Endless Weekend?

Dilbert and Dogbert

When I started to work, I read Dilbert cartoons but didn’t find them to be hilarious.  It’s only after we lived through them ─ and especially now that we began our Endless Weekend, and they’re a thing of the past ─ that they became side-splittingly funny… even corporate America’s planning process.  And now that we’re planning our travel, we’re aiming (perhaps hallucinating? :)) at BIG, audacious travel plans. And all that, without the Dilbertian extras. 

There’s a study that showed that generally the anticipation/planning/prep phase of a vacation makes people happier than the vacation itself, so it makes sense to relish the planning and put effort into it! How we’re going to make these plans happen is something for … later.  But this is what we’d LIKE to do, if money were no object.

  • Antarctica: An (ex) colleague who worked on a research station in Antarctica warned us that we should hurry up and go since Antarctica is becoming touristy, and that any day now they’ll open a McDonald’s there… Maybe, maybe not. An (ex) manager told us to brace ourselves for the smell of penguin urine when we land on solid ground/ice. Neither warning is deterring us, or the gear list we’re going to have to put together: we’d like to land on the last wilderness, not just gaze at it from a distance, something like what this or this enables.
  • Australia and New Zealand: Even before Hobbits seemed to run all over New Zealand we wanted to visit both Australia and New Zealand. In an ideal world, we’d like to avoid the long flights (meaning cruise there and back again…), but then we’d like to visit Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania, and we’ve seen cruises (hey, this one is 51 days, just right for the over 50 goal) like this one that with a round trip from Sydney touches the main attractions
  • Greenland and Iceland: We’ve cruised to Alaska several times, and words like grandeur and majestic take on a different meaning after the first visit. Yes, of course mountains have to start somewhere, but when you see them emerge from the water and peak from above a scarf of clouds, the magnificence of nature takes on a different meaning. We hope that an expedition like this Abercrombie & Kent cruise Or an Oceania Cruise like this one will give us a glimpse of the beauty of Greenland and Iceland, each in its own way.

What do you think we missed from this list? Do you recommend any must-see places or experiences?

Interesting bit of related trivia: what is the only sea that has no coast? Answer in next week’s post.

Answer to last post’s trivia: what did Alfred Hitchcock use for blood in the famous shower scene in Psycho?  Bosco chocolate syrup (puts a different spin on the scene, no?)

Answer to last post’s bonus bit of chocolate trivia: What country consumes the most chocolate per capita? Switzerland, land of Milk and Money (according to Diccon Bewes), and … chocolate 🙂


Revision History, September 19, 2019:

Thanks to John Rieber, adding a a night at “Downton Abbey” AirBnB

7 thoughts on “Planning for Over 50… days, not years!

  1. Interesting destinations.50 days to cruise to Australia. Is this for environmental concerns? You could see a lot of Australia in the 48 days cruising on the seas than the few days a cruise will stop over in the capital cities…. but if you have time, lots of relaxing you would have on the wide blue oceans….
    Greenland and Iceland. – So with you there. Loved Iceland. It is a world of its own. But I would add in the west coast of Norway – the Hurtigruten will take you to spectacular places and is none too expensive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our longest cruise to date was 30 days and at the end of it we wished we had another 30 days on the ship 🙂 We really like cruising, and there are some destinations, like Australia, that we’d like to sample on a cruise, and then we’ll know where we want to spend a few more weeks (we were thinking of renting a place) to explore more in depth. Any suggestions?

      We’ve never been to Greenland or Iceland, though everyone we know that’s been to either really enjoyed them. We know people who raved about the Hurtigruten, but it’s turned quite expensive, even though the Aurora Borealis beckons us, we understand it’s supposed to be the place to see it. Did you?


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