The Endless Weekend Begins

What is a week-end?”  This question, that the Dowager Countess of Grantham asked in the tv series Downton Abbey, stayed with us since we first heard it.  When you’re working, and Dilbert cartoons make sense to you, hearing someone ask that question holds a magical allure.  How can you get to a position when you can ask that question yourself? And so our goal became to start on an endless weekend, which we are now proudly embarking on. 

This is the journal of our Endless Weekend.  We’re starting it balancing delight and concern… Combined we’ve worked in the high tech industry for more than 42 years, and it’s pretty much the first time since we were teenagers that we don’t have a regular paycheck coming in.  Serenity now, let the Endless Weekend begin!

Interesting bit of related trivia: what country enjoys the most public holidays per year?  (Hint: it’s not what you expect).  Answer in our next post.


39 thoughts on “The Endless Weekend Begins

    1. Apologies for the delayed response, it is NOT a reflection on how wonderful retirement is (it’s magnificent, we’re loving it! :)). We just found your comments stashed away in the Akismet spam folder, hopefully we fixed it. Expect a few responses all at once. We love the conversation, thank you for stopping by!


      1. I don’t know a bout the Dutch. I know that Martine Aubry’s Law on the 35hours week paid 40 has destroyed French industry and competitivity…
        And yes, there are legal protections against email after hours. I’ve been wasting the best part of a month now to move some of my investments in France from one account to the other just because my Bank adviser has been changed and the new one takes up to three days to answer a mail. Grrrr. Off to see your link. Au revoir.

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      2. 36 days in France? Not surprised. Add to that the fact that France still works 40 hours weeks, 5 hours more than the legal limit of 35. Those hours are accounted for as holiday time. To be taken generally before May-June. Overall, my friends and relations in France have close to 8 weeks vacations a year…

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        1. Wow! It sort of reminds me of a meme I once saw where the first half showed a European Out Of Office email message that said something like “I’m away camping for the summer, please email back in September.”

          The second half had an American Out of Office message that said something like “I’m out of the office for 2 hours to undergo surgery, but you can reach me on my cell phone any time.” …

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          1. True story: I have an urgent banking operation to do in France. My adviser was away all week. (Now I know) Did not answer her mail or the bank’s message system. And she did not have an out of office message on her mail.
            (Maybe I should move my account to Belgium? 🤔 )

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          2. Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe. I am missing Down under so far.
            The story? My father was an Air France man. I was born abroad. If you like I can send you that link. (I don’t publish my links on other blogs unless invited…) 😉

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