It’s not too late: let me tell you why! Following the thought-provoking discussions (thank you!!!) on Do You Invent Your Future, it seemed to most of us that a human life is just too short for long term planning. But is it? One of my favorite TED talks is How to live to be 100+. The speaker, Dan Buettner, speaks about his findings … Continue reading It’s not too late: let me tell you why!


Are You Anxious about the Future?

I used to have access to a research librarian for a couple years, and it was a glorious boon! I would tell her about a new project I was going to embark on, what challenges I was thinking of tackling, what areas were of most interest to me, and she would come back a couple … Continue reading Are You Anxious about the Future?

True or False: Food Edition Returns (Spoiler: FALSE!)

Two terrific bloggers I follow, Ally Bean and Betsy-Parenting-is-Funny, added an awesome bit of trivia to our first edition of True or False: Food Edition. They mentioned the popular urban legend that carrots are peddled as magic food for the eyes, with the understanding that eating them make you able to see in the dark. … Continue reading True or False: Food Edition Returns (Spoiler: FALSE!)

Do You Invent Your Future?

I once read that when the founder of Panasonic, Kōnosuke Matsushita, was nearing the end of his life many people flocked to what was his deathbed, to ask him just one more question; to benefit from the wisdom of this visionary one last time. One of those people was a young journalist, who gingerly approached … Continue reading Do You Invent Your Future?

Who’s Afraid of Being Idle?

I recently came across an article titled “Japanese aghast at prospect of extra-long holiday to celebrate coronation.” It came out almost 4 years ago, when, to celebrate the transition to the transition to a new emperor. Japan passed a bill that gave an unprecedented 10 days off to celebrate the momentous occasions. One person quoted … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of Being Idle?

Are there Magical Numbers?

When discussing how many #1 priorities one can have, Wynne brought up an interesting point about the power some numbers have. She related how her father gave sermons that had no more than 3 points, and asked if there was something magical about the number 3. Not for the first time, she got me thinking … Continue reading Are there Magical Numbers?

True or False: Food Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)

My favorite part of the blogosphere remains the discussions in the comment section, and as LuAnne suggested in a comment, here comes part II of the True or False series, this time, about food. As a reminder, our first installment was myths about our very own bodies, so what better way to continue than with … Continue reading True or False: Food Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)

How many #1 Priorities Do You Have?

I once read a story about a lady who walked along a river and saw someone drowning. The lady immediately jumped into the river, saved the drowning person, and just as she was done with CPR, she saw another person drowning. She jumped back into the river and saved this second drowning person. And, yes, … Continue reading How many #1 Priorities Do You Have?

True or False: Body Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)

The most rewarding element of the blogosphere, for me, is the fascinating discussions that sometimes emerge in the comment section of blogs. Like the one that emerged after Evelyn recently asked us what a year feels like. It turns out that a lot of our perceptions, like that of time, which seems to go faster … Continue reading True or False: Body Edition (Spoiler: FALSE!)