When the Means Become The End, or When Work Became a 4-Letter Word

I was fascinated by the revelation of how good the gatherers/hunters’ lives were when I read Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens. He shares that, if you survived infancy, your life expectancy was likely in the 70s or even 80s! So much for what we thought about 20s being old age in our gathering/hunting days. And why … Continue reading When the Means Become The End, or When Work Became a 4-Letter Word

3 Visual Lessons from Recent Entertainment History

We wrapped up our 4 part series of Lessons From the Expanse (Part 1, More Lessons, Even More Lessons, The Return of the Lessons) with our top 5 favorite movies of the-aliens-have-come-to-us-here-on-earth. Fortunately, we received some fantastic recommendations, and our thanks go to the recommenders! As I was researching the recommendations, my husband found a … Continue reading 3 Visual Lessons from Recent Entertainment History

What’s the allure of extremes?

Not long ago, a blogger shared what was the most alluring aspect of blogging for them. For me, it’s the comments, the discussion and interaction that happen in the comment section: the thought-provoking comments, the intriguing comments, the funny comments. They make me think, ponder, and laugh. They also provoke many of my posts. So … Continue reading What’s the allure of extremes?

Top 5 “They’re coming!” movies

After four installments of lessons from Expanse (one, two, three, and four), we got to thinking about the best movies of aliens visiting/sending messages to earth. We expected them to be more of the “Serving Humanity” type, as in The Twilight Zone episode where the aliens had a book about Serving Humanity, except, it ended … Continue reading Top 5 “They’re coming!” movies

To Passion or not to Passion

There’s an old story about a boy who receives a puppy (sadly, I don’t remember who wrote it, maybe you can help me recognize the author). The boy is completely enthralled by the question of what is the puppy thinking. That becomes his life-long passion and fashions his life-long pursuit to become a neuroscientist, and … Continue reading To Passion or not to Passion

And now for part IV: 3 more lessons from the Expanse

I underlined foolish for emphasis I used to wonder when I heard people say that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds: why is consistency always bad? I’m all for creativity and originality, but if each one of the tires of the car was unique, of different diameter or different shape, one circular, one triangular, … Continue reading And now for part IV: 3 more lessons from the Expanse

Are we getting Older … Younger?

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/98/99/70/989970abe20c39f17451540d21deb867.jpg This question echoed in my mind as I saw a news item pop up in my feed about a 25-year old tennis player, Ash Barty, announcing she was retiring (to “chase other dreams”). It probably resonated so much with me because, well, I’m jealous 🙂 Imagine if we could have afforded to retire in … Continue reading Are we getting Older … Younger?

The Return of the 3 lessons from Expanse

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goJOXr_kXgE You know how people say that once you establish a habit you miss it when you’re not practicing it? A friend who (used to) run marathons told us that he needs to run them; he’s addicted to the endorphins. We’ve been working out daily for well over two years, and you know something? It … Continue reading The Return of the 3 lessons from Expanse

Are you afraid not to work?

What would you say is important to get ahead in life? Health? Knowing the right people? Education? Luck? Hard work? Something else? (Non-rhetorical question alert! J Please share your thoughts). 73% of Americans say it’s very important (a 10 on a 0-10 scale!!!) to work hard to get ahead in life. It’s not uncommon for … Continue reading Are you afraid not to work?

3 more lessons from The Expanse

The other day we were discussing up-ing our workout time. I suggested we up it by a Jeopardy instead of by an Expanse. It took a long and funny look from my husband to make me realize how we now measure workout time. Yes, tv-shows are the new workout time-measurements! It’s now officially a thing. … Continue reading 3 more lessons from The Expanse